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Friday, April 3, 2009
7:39 AM

NO, my comp has not changed yet (read previous post), but i'm blogging now because i'm just plain bored.

things have changed tremendously since the last time i blogged. first things first, HOMEWORK. sounds familiar, eh? yes. Now it's taken the form of a more horrible monster that drowns you in itself: tutorials and assignments. Not to mention online commenting on the GP blog. it's literally SPAM, but from the teachers point of view, it's just homework. Nevermind that, i'm still having a bit of a problem completing EVERYTHING on time (typical) but surprisingly, i'm finding the current tests do-able, so to speak.
Second, my leg and back muscles. Not going to talk about them, since i can't see my back muscles unless my neck is REALLY flexible, and regarding my leg muscles... let's just cut the story short. We have no classrooms. we have only lecture theatres, randomly-allocated tutorial rooms for subject tutorials, and more randomly-allocated tutorial rooms. Lessons are up to 5.05 at the latest. Work out the total distance a 4H2 person in JC walks a day IN SCHOOL. Then, work out the total work(as a physics term) done in school. it is evident something will happen to those 2 muscle groups i mentioned earlier, sooner or later.
Thirdly, i'm tired. my sleep pattern is from 10 to 6. not much difference, if you ask me.
goodnight. sorry for the abrupt ending; i should be sleeping.