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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
7:18 PM

well, it's been a LONG time since i blogged, which means that many things have changed.
primarily, i'm officially in MJC, since i got a score of below 20. fine, it's just 14, kinda mediocre if you ask me, because of the 3 subjects that didn't meet up to my expectations. Combined Humanities, Add Math and Chemistry. It may be too late for regrets now, but here goes:

Combined Humanities: C5
damn it! i tried to make my chinese look less like an eyesore on my result slip and there's the stupid combined humanities that makes me miss my sister's grade by one point. I may have passed, and for that i'm extremely happy, but still? lol. i asked for it, didn't i? sleeping in geog elect lessons, not taking down notes during ss, whatever.
still, i have to say i'm extremely lucky that the only sub-topics i studied a day before the ss paper came out in the paper itself as an essay question.

Additional Mathematics: A2
it could have been the 1 mark that made the difference. The carelessness of it all. How ironic: I, who should score an A1 for a maths, got defeated by the bell curve, which is another mathematical concept.

Chemistry: A2
i just don't like the grade. I'm supposed to score in Chemistry, nothing less than an A1, but still? let me do this self-reflection myself.

other than that, there was the astounding A2 i got for Physics, the first A2 i got for English in my secondary school life, and that satisfying A1 for E maths. Finally, something paid off.

and now vincent's saying i should try the PCME combination in JC. seriously, i'm not too sure, but i could give it a shot. if i make it there in the first place. 14 isn't anything to brag about; i'm the worst in my clique, the last few in my class.

well, time for me to go.
bye for now