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Friday, April 3, 2009
7:39 AM

NO, my comp has not changed yet (read previous post), but i'm blogging now because i'm just plain bored.

things have changed tremendously since the last time i blogged. first things first, HOMEWORK. sounds familiar, eh? yes. Now it's taken the form of a more horrible monster that drowns you in itself: tutorials and assignments. Not to mention online commenting on the GP blog. it's literally SPAM, but from the teachers point of view, it's just homework. Nevermind that, i'm still having a bit of a problem completing EVERYTHING on time (typical) but surprisingly, i'm finding the current tests do-able, so to speak.
Second, my leg and back muscles. Not going to talk about them, since i can't see my back muscles unless my neck is REALLY flexible, and regarding my leg muscles... let's just cut the story short. We have no classrooms. we have only lecture theatres, randomly-allocated tutorial rooms for subject tutorials, and more randomly-allocated tutorial rooms. Lessons are up to 5.05 at the latest. Work out the total distance a 4H2 person in JC walks a day IN SCHOOL. Then, work out the total work(as a physics term) done in school. it is evident something will happen to those 2 muscle groups i mentioned earlier, sooner or later.
Thirdly, i'm tired. my sleep pattern is from 10 to 6. not much difference, if you ask me.
goodnight. sorry for the abrupt ending; i should be sleeping.


Saturday, February 7, 2009
11:34 PM

finally, i'm back, and just a bit of news, here, my comp's kinda down at the moment, so other people noticed, and thus this blog's going to be kinda dead until my comp changes.

so for a bit more of info, i'm in a 4H2 class, with Physics, Maths, Chem and Econs, and wish me luck, i plan to mug (doesn't sound like me huh?) so i won't be online most of the time. haha, just as well, my comp's down.

well, goodbye.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
7:18 PM

well, it's been a LONG time since i blogged, which means that many things have changed.
primarily, i'm officially in MJC, since i got a score of below 20. fine, it's just 14, kinda mediocre if you ask me, because of the 3 subjects that didn't meet up to my expectations. Combined Humanities, Add Math and Chemistry. It may be too late for regrets now, but here goes:

Combined Humanities: C5
damn it! i tried to make my chinese look less like an eyesore on my result slip and there's the stupid combined humanities that makes me miss my sister's grade by one point. I may have passed, and for that i'm extremely happy, but still? lol. i asked for it, didn't i? sleeping in geog elect lessons, not taking down notes during ss, whatever.
still, i have to say i'm extremely lucky that the only sub-topics i studied a day before the ss paper came out in the paper itself as an essay question.

Additional Mathematics: A2
it could have been the 1 mark that made the difference. The carelessness of it all. How ironic: I, who should score an A1 for a maths, got defeated by the bell curve, which is another mathematical concept.

Chemistry: A2
i just don't like the grade. I'm supposed to score in Chemistry, nothing less than an A1, but still? let me do this self-reflection myself.

other than that, there was the astounding A2 i got for Physics, the first A2 i got for English in my secondary school life, and that satisfying A1 for E maths. Finally, something paid off.

and now vincent's saying i should try the PCME combination in JC. seriously, i'm not too sure, but i could give it a shot. if i make it there in the first place. 14 isn't anything to brag about; i'm the worst in my clique, the last few in my class.

well, time for me to go.
bye for now


Tuesday, December 16, 2008
3:20 AM

people say time passes REAL fast when you're having fun.
that statement has my total agreement.

it started at 9.30am this morning, when i met darrel, adam, gabriel and chin kiat at tampines interchange, bcos they were going to my house, purely to play the 360 in there.
ian wasn't there. so.
i asked him to meet us at the bus-stop at my house.

oh.my invitation gift:
biscuits. with a red tinge at the top.
my jie bought it yesterday, and thought the red thing was paprika.
it was red-hot chilli peppers.
so, i hope they haven't died smoking because of the biscuit.

well, it was xbox and nonsense talk between the 7 of us (yes, daniel joined us)
and a few nonsense pictures
lunch was at 1.30, at changi village
pictures will be shown later (ya, my comp isn't lagging that bad, it's just the keyboard is slow)
ya. so you will know what all of us ate. you'll even know the table number.
and then back,
and time practically flew back home. it really was very fast.
so, i guess it's picture time.

put short, we all had the same thing. so the cost of all the food cost exactly $29.40, and (fyi) can be divisible by 7.

yes, when ian attains Nirvana, animals are attracted to him.

and so is the Christmas hat.

in short, gabriel tried to look stupid, but... who could look more stupid than ian?

i mean, who can match up to his "blur" look?

and two random pictures, from the tjc concert, from zhining's camera (so says gabriel):please, can a proper camera produce 604 x 453 pictures?

i don't think so.

sec 4 pictures, excluding more than half of the guest players.

so we just made do with the pathetic amount

well, i guess that's enough.

bye for now


Saturday, December 13, 2008
4:39 AM

well, a hundred posts in 8 months.
slow, uh?

fine, this makes one hundred and one, but that's besides the point.

today was my first band practice at MJC.
sorry, no pictures, wasn't bothered to take, and too lazy to upload the pictures, now that i have a really crappy computer (it turned crappy on its own, don't blame me)(okay, blame me for loading it with all kinds of files. but other than that i'm sure i didn't do anything else) uploading pictures is such a chore now.
i don't care if pictures speak a thousand words, they're still not in the same format.

had jie wake me up early in the morning, then rush with bathing, brushing teeth, and preparing.
only when we left, did i realise i hadn't ate my breakfast. damn.
well, i didn't bother. lunch was three hours later, but i'm saying it now, i really was hungry come lunch time.

well, the stupid bus didn't come till at least 30 minutes later, and i really wanted to get my breakfast, but the walk home was at least 3-5 minutes from the bus-stop.
so, i didn't bother.
well, at 9, mjc was stil quite quiet (no typo here), and i guess i was the only sec 4 there.

when everybody was there i already started thinking of lunch.
somehow, i got to know 2 of my section mates (nizam and a girl, forgot the name><) and some random person called mavyes. damn bimbotic sia she. lol jkjk

sectionals came next, and that took my mind off things, including lunch. it passed pretty fast, and i loved the sight-reading challenge, altho it could never match up to the Extreme Make-over, damn. i guess only the REALLY good musicians can sight-read that particular piece at concert-tempo.

then came lunch.
it was supposed to be from 1200 to 1245, but it was already 1230 when we reached the place to eat. until nizam old me sth about the band and times. yea, i'll let you figure it.

combined was from 1 to 3.30, and that really was fast, i had to say.
i left the place at 4, had to go white sands to return JIE's library books. wasted my time sia, i was really tired.

then i went to the interchange, and MISSED the stupid bus. really, i think something's with me and the bus 5. i keep missing it.

i came home really exhausted.
and i am too now.
so, bye!

and an early happy birthday to Auntie Jeanie!


Monday, December 8, 2008
4:57 AM

well, i'm blogging because somebody asked me to.
so, ya
i shall try to do it long but fast.
my aunt came back (finally, after 2 years) to visit us in Singapore, from the US. with her two children. kate looks so different, and sean looks almost the same.
i wonder how, but they must've slept at 5 am this morning, and could wake up at aroun 8 am. only my aunt and kate woke up.
sean was still sleeping, all the way to 12. blame jet lag. hais.
the last time i went there was like, when i was p4 or p5, i think
and i slept every day there from 1am, and can wake at 7.
the mealtimes are very weird there (at least, for my extended family there) such as breakfast at 11, lunch at 3, and dinner at 9. it's really late there.

we went to tm to eat dinner. at a chinese restaurant.
sean didn't like the buns one bit, haha, altho he loved the soup. it was like, the best there ever is. haha

i actually have nothing to say here. sorry arh, to the person who asks me to do this post.
shall end here


Sunday, November 30, 2008
3:42 AM

well, let's say things are much MUCH more eventful when the holidays started.

joining the alumni band just for the concert, plans to go for he TJC tune-in, and a must to turn up for the MJC tune-in, wow. my life revolves around band again, and now it's just become more interesting, i have to say.

yes, talk about music, i found my Grade 8 piece of paper that the examiner wrote on. her (yes, it's a HER)handwriting is fairly readable, but the numbers are not to be missed out on.

this is still my greatest achievement to date:

yes, for those who cannot read, it's a Distinction, 133/150.
haha. it's just a random picture. and it'll be the last i'll post.
anw farewell pics are just a few; there simply was no time for more.
now for my reflections.
this holidays... changed me, quite a bit. altho the 'betrayal of trust' thing with my brother is settled, and we're good again, i've also become short-tempered, idle, and what have you not. hais.
they said that the O levels results will determine your future, it may even change your future. Damn, i've already changed after the exam itself.
i dunno what's going to happen to me.
anw, i'm going to change my email to twjbenjamin@hotmail.com
just re-add me.